Six Word Stories

I just finished reading a great post over at Nothing But Bonfires.

But what I loved about the post the most wasn’t the subject area (although it was a truly great post).  It was her quotation of a six-word story.  Allegedly some invention of Ernest Hemingway, or something.

Anyway, you have to write a story in six words.

I immediately thought of two excellent things to do with this.  First, write six-word stories for celebrities and make you guess who’s who.  The other was to stage one of those old-fashioned writing contests like I used to.  Way back when.

But first, my own six words: Happy family life.  Still, he blogs.

And a celebrity:

Marries younger woman.  Rumor: a beard.

A Toblerone for the first one to get it right.


4 responses to “Six Word Stories

  1. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

  2. Amber/Daydreamer

    AHHHHH! Melina got it before me!!! Shucks! But! I still haven’t heard back if I guessed the correct movie quote that you left on VJ’s blog.

  3. You are correct, Melina!

    If you send me an address (via email), I can send you your winnings.

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