At It Again

Ah, New Year’s Eve day.  Which means I have absolutely nothing to do in the office, which means only good things for you, my readers reader.  Because let’s face it, this is not a highly trafficked site.  But maybe one day.

Anyway, I’ve been out there dredging up the bushes for you.  It’s not rocket science, by the way.  I read a blog and if I like it, I read some comments.  I find someone who comments often, and if the comments are witty, I open the page of the commenter.  And I keep open those chains.  Then I read a post or two (everyone has their off days) and see if I like it.

If someone can hook me in a post or two, I’ll refer them to you.

So here’s Hotfessional.  Funny.  And I got to her through Kristabella.  K posted that she got to meet some other Chicago bloggers, of which Hotfessional is one.  I appreciate how fun that it, having had the honor and pleasure of meeting some bloggers of my own.  Which really pissed off Mrs. LNU, but that’s another story.

And you have to admire a blogger with her own hosting.  No wordpress or blogger for her.


5 responses to “At It Again

  1. Hey there Hank! Thanks for the shout-out and for stopping by. It’s always great to meet new friends. Please feel free to drop in anytime. The door is always open (well, except when I’m getting dressed, and even then, I’m only successful about 1/2 the time, what with the dog barging in and out!)


  2. Oh, and I forgot – As a Spartan lover and alum – I adore the header. I spent most of football season screaming “We Are Spartans!” at the MSU games.

    Aruh, Aruh, Aruh!

  3. I’m the same way about finding new blogs to read. hee. Good to know I’m not the only blog stalker, oops, I mean fan!

  4. Happy New Year, Dear!!!

  5. LOVE the header. And I’ve recently started “discovering” new blogs the way you mentioned. A GREAT way to do it!

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