Hat Trick

I’ve got a hat trick of new blogs for you.  All pretty cool in their own special way.  I got from one to the other, to the third.  I love blog-finding strings.

First up is SuperBlondGirl.   She’s having a bit of a hard time right now, so go wish her well.  And she’s a friend of a friend.  Melina (she of the amazing site name) likes her, so who am I to argue?  One day, when she’s in a better place, I’m going to introduce her to the grammatical tool called a paragraph.  Her post from the 20th (the top one when I got to her page) makes me think she’s forgotten about it.  Of course, given the subject matter, you and I should probably forgive her lack of return button.

Next up is Georgia at The State That I Am In.  An LA girl who is secure enough to actually post pictures of her parents on her site.  And she’s a fun writer, besides.  Who knows, maybe she’ll be your friend (look at the URL).  Ah, if only she’d increase her font size (and a Toblerone for anyone who’s been reading me—in any of my various incarnations—long enough to remember my rant on blog font sizes…it goes back to my first blog on blogger).

And remember my worry about introducing you to blogs that you already read because they’re more famous than I’ll ever be?  Well, here I go back into that particular lion’s den: go read Nothing But Bonfires.  You have to admire a woman who picks her blog name from Shakespeare.  I got mine from a police report.  She wins.  Of course, she’s a professional writer in her real life, so you’d really have to expect quality writing, you know?  Almost the blog equivalent of a wringer, wouldn’t you say?


2 responses to “Hat Trick

  1. I took your advice…who knew?
    Thanks for the link!

  2. Ugh, I know, the paragraphs! Normally I am a huge fan of them, but sometimes the crazy overtakes the paragraphs… Thanks for the link!

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