Know thy enemy.

Common Emoticons

🙂 or =] or 🙂 or =) or :^) or 😀 Smile or happy
:-L or =L Drool or Zombie. Being tired.
,’:Y An inquisitive duck
😦 or =( or D: or D= Frown or Sad
xP or XP Straining, disgust, bad joke, dead, dead from laughing, silliness
xD or XD Laughing hard (often taken as Cartman from the television show South Park)
X8 laughing hard while covering mouth with hands
:S or :s or =S or =s confused
or :þ or =b or =Þ happy, dropped jaw, raspberry
:/ or :\ or =/ or =\ Skepticism, annoyance, uneasiness, or a slight frown; dissatisfaction, lack of favourable opinion on the subject, undecided
:T or 😐 or =| Indecision, deadpan, a solemn look, a lack of response, or indifference; shock – also often used with a contrasting statement to convey biting sarcasm (e.g. “That was hilarious. :-|”)
😉 or ;] Wink
BD or 8D Laughing while wearing cool glasses, comedian
8:)] Crazy Frog
😀 or =D Wide grin, happy smile
(: <message here> 🙂 grinning from ear to ear; speaking a message to someone else.
😛 or :p or =P or =p or :-|tongue tongue sticking out, or a Blowing a raspberry; used to convey a joke, light-hearted sarcasm, inappropriateness, relief, mild resignation, humorous resignation
S-) or s-) or [22] rolling eyes
(:3= I Am the Walrus
B) Wearing cool glasses (often sunglasses). Indicates pride in something
8| Wearing nerdy glasses. Indicates dislike/”uncoolness” in something
:O or =O Surprise, shock
:$ or =$ Put your money where your mouth is
=X or :X sealed lips; used to convey “I shouldn’t have said that” or sometimes shocked silence; can be taken to mean “no comment”
:* or ;* kissing
:** or ;** Returning a kiss
😥 or :_( or :*( or :…( or ;_; or ;O; or =,[ or :,[ Shedding a tear
>:O Angry/Yelling
😡 or >:[ Angry/Grumpy
>:E Anger or hatred, baring teeth
>:) or >:] Evil smile
0:) or O:] Halo over the head, an angel, innocence
D: Dismay or distressed (read right to left) (Sometimes referred to as “oh no”)
:3 A kitten face – being cute.
83 a kitten face with large eyes for extra cuteness
x3 Combination of xD and :3, sometimes used with “Yay!” when intending to be cute
=3 A variation of :3, with long, vertical eyes instead
>:3 A mischief look. Really up to no good. See also, lions.
A “heart” as in “I ❤ U”; sometimes parodically extended to “<33333” or replaced with 4 “<4” for humorous results, (the newer model of ❤ with video capability, for example). Sometimes misinterpreted as other things, such as an ice cream cone, a scrotum or a nose).
</3 A broken heart, often used alone
:9 Licking lips
[8^0) Masked, Shocked
:] I am kidding
:[ I am serious / And sad
:*) or -^o^- I am blushing
d=D or q=D Smiley with a cap/hat being either reversed or backwards. Often used as being happy for no reason at all.
—-<–{@ or –{—@ or –<–<-@ or @-,-‘-,– A rose
o<:0) or *<:o) Clown
8-B Nerd
:K A mammoth baring its tusks
:U A massively multi-purpose smiley, commonly being used to express anything from shock to a silly or jovial nature. Woe and displeasure are among the only emotions excluded without modification to the smiley.
:V I am a duck. Quack quack.
:’) Often used to show sarcastic amusement, or laughing at something so hard as to cry (hence the apostrophe tear drop).
:{] , :{[ , ;{] , etc. Moustache
\o/ or /o\ A person with raised hands, first one is representing cheer, happyness or shout; the second emoticon is covering its head, as in fear, lostness or depression
3 ~& Poomoticon
QQ Two eyes crying.
<[+]=^( The Sad Pope.
\m/ The Corna, metal horns.
?-) A pirate.
:,-( or :’-( Crying face.
|*-*| video cassette
{:-€ or (;,;) Ctulhu from Howard Lovecraft
The single toothed man or redneck laughing out loud
*<[]:{> Merry Christmas (it’s Santa Claus)
( . Y . ) Breasts
D:======== Pancho, the Eel.
o_O O.o o_O; O_O; (or many variations) kind of a “what the heck?!” look, used when one is confused or weirded out.
}((((*> fish

Complex examples

\m/[(>.<)]\m/ rocking out to headphones
..V,(^_^) Peace!
(ô ô) boy (sometimes also used to indicate surprise)
f(O_o)f zombie attack!
(ó.ò) surprised, scared
(ò.ó) angry
(ó.ô) quizzical or “Indeed” (designed to mimic Star Trek‘s Mr. Spock)
(╥_─) -_-; -_-‘ ¬_¬ annoyed, hiding frustration, dread
=^_^= blushing, or a cat face (mischievous)
=’ т ‘= Lion/Cat
*^_^* or ^///^ blushing
fO_o scratching head
?_? confused/curious/not comprehending
^n_n^ catgirl or boy
d-_-b listening to music
~~~~>_<~~~~ weeping horribly
(9ò_ó)=@ fighting, throwing a punch
Q(^.^Q) winner
w-(‘u’)-w Kilroy was here (extensible)
b(~_^)d, d-(^_^)-b, (b^_^)b, etc. thumbs-up
q(-_-)p thumbs-down
\,,/(^_^)\,,/ happy rockin’
(¬_¬)/¯ “It’s good… to go!”
-0/ wearing glasses (nerd)
!_! or T_T 2 eyes crying.
(ρ_-)o sleepy / rubbing eyes
(>._.)ø or ø(._.<) writing
(>”)> dancing
><((((º> Something fishy.
(>^_(>O_O)> Sex
t(-_-t) or -_-*,,|, Giving the middle finger / flipping off.
(/.\) Shouldn’t have said that…
>KO)-> Frontways Cupid, alternately, USB dongle goblin.
\m/ Hand gesture – Rock’n’Roll (corna) or (“Hook ’em Horns“)
8===D Mr. Longface, more commonly a penis.
\|/ vagina
~.~ anime girl
~(O_O)~ or ~(O_o)~ Flying Spaghetti Monster.
ಠ_ಠ Staring eyes
o==||====> sword
L7++(+-)&(-+)++L7 Ball Joint robot with fists
¯\(°_0)/¯ Shrug

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