Spartans! What is Your Profession!?

Why did I choose a banner from the movie 300?  Yes, that’s a non-standard banner that I put up there.  Why?

It’s really simple: I simply loved that movie.

I’ve now seen it about 10 times: I bought it the day it became available.

So what did I love about it?  It’s a guy movie.  Unabashedly, unapologetically a guy movie.  Nary a Tom Hanks or Meg Ryan anywhere near it.  Even the woman in it—and there’s only one woman in the movie with lines—is the man’s idea of what a woman should be.  And don’t get huffy: she’s strong, and independent, and witty, and her own woman, and no one pushes her around.  She even kills a guy who tried to mess with her (a traitor).  The movie is all battle, and honor, and duty, and sacrifice.

It’s important to remember how important those traits are to men.  Hollywood often forgets.

Remember back to Casablanca:

Random Beautiful Woman at the Bar: “Where were you last night?”

Rick: “That’s so far back I don’t remember.”

RBWATB: “Will I see you tonight?”

Rick: “I never make plans that far ahead.”

Or you can go to Saving Private Ryan, where I actually teared up.  At the end, when the adult Ryan, reliving the sacrifice of the men who came to get him, and thinking about the Captain’s last line before death, “Earn this,” turns to his wife and says, “Tell me I’m a good man.”  That’s a man’s man, and a man’s moment.


One response to “Spartans! What is Your Profession!?

  1. Amber/Daydreamer

    As a chick myself, even I fell in love with the wife in 300. Damn, she was HOTTTT!! (I really liked 300 as well.)

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