My History

So I just finished reading Melina‘s front page, and she had a great post laying out her personal history for people just joining in.

I’m going to do a little of the same…my blogging history, that is.

So I started blogging in 2000 or so. Under a name I shall not mention, because that didn’t end very well. But suffice it to say that it was a more political blog, and was somewhat high up in the ecosystem. Not in the top ten or anything, but under 1,000, and I was getting hundreds of hits a day.

When that ended, I didn’t blog for a year or so. Then I started dabbling back in, just lurking, and reading, and every once in a while I commented. I picked the name Bathroom Reading. Maybe because I read in the bathroom. And when you’re sitting there on the Blogger home page and have to come up with a name that no one picked yet, you think of some strange crap. So I was just commenting as BR on some people’s sites. And when I started blogging again, I was completely different. I blogged just to be nice (in my old blog, I was sometimes a bit of a jerk). I would go out and find blogs, really good blogs, and link to them. I had a nice little blogging circle (A*, Hof, Dan, Melina, MooCow, Mr. K, Sascha, Rezzie, VJ and others), and even met some of them in person. I also used to send people Toblerone candy bars and call them up and do interviews and post the recordings. Part of that was that I really, really didn’t like the job I was in, and had plenty of spare time in which to blog.

I retired BR. It just felt like the right time.

Then I realized I missed it, and started Hank. That was March of 2006. I had started a new job, which meant that I had really very little time to blog. And it showed. The Hank posts got fewer and farther between. And less interesting. But the thing was, I felt more like myself blogging as Hank. A good friend of mine calls me that, even though it’s not my name. She was being ironic. But that person, Teresa, also had a place in my life and in my heart that hasn’t gone filled, before or since. She actually brought out the eco-crunchy side of me. Who knew I even had an earthy side? Certainly not me. But she brought that out in me, and I really liked it. So I chose Hank. LNU came from a story a cop once told me, about a new precinct captain who was reviewing crime reports for his precinct, and came out of his office and yelled, “who’s this Lnu family, and what are we doing about them?” See, LNU in police reports is what you put when you only have a first name. In the “last name” field, you don’t put “unknown,” you put “LNU” for “last name unknown.” The Captain had thought that all those different people whose last names were unknown were siblings. True story. So since I wanted to keep my anonymity, I blogged has Hank LNU. That lasted a while.

Then I quit that too. Work just got too hectic. I still work crazy hours, and travel a lot.

But I evidently hadn’t gotten blogging out of my system, because I started Lefty. Lefty was fun, but it just didn’t take.

So I stopped, thought it over, and decided to blog as Hank again. So back to WordPress, and here I am.

That’s it, really.

So what’s this blog going to be about? I suspect I’ll never tire of finding new blogs, so expect some good referrals (and I’m really good at that. I generally take credit for finding MooCow—deservedly or not—which right there establishes my bona fides). I’ll likely also talk about my wonderful four kids. Two girls, 6 and 5; two boys, 3 and 1. And I’m going to rant a bit from time to time. You’ll find I’m scrupulously fair, as long as you agree with me. Otherwise, there’s something wrong with your brain. And I’m just right of the kaiser.

Oh, and I find I’m still just as much of a comment whore as ever, so please make sure you say hi when you visit.


2 responses to “My History

  1. I’m ready to read what you have to write! Oh and thanks for all the links back to my page!!

  2. Amber/Daydreamer

    Wow! I can not even begin to compete with your blogging history! You have been around, man! I like blogging, even though I haven’t much of interest to say, but it is a nice way to share small bits of yourself with others.

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