Great Snacks

So what are your favorite snacks?

I like having chocolate milk in my coffee.  In fact, every day, I buy a little half-pint of chocolate milk so when I get my coffee-machine coffee, I can have some chocolate milk in it.  I keep it in the refridgerator.  They just got a new fridge ’cause the old one broke.  But the new fridge opens a different way.  Seriously, the old one, you would stand by the coffee and the handle to open it was on the near side.  Now, you have to walk to the other side to open it.

That wasn’t as stupid sounding when it was in my head.

So…other favorite snacks.  Hmm.  Most of mine involve peanut butter.  Because I happen to love peanut butter.  So, put PB on graham crackers, or—and this is a good one—ginger snaps.  Peanut butter and ginger snaps…yum!  Or, in a cup, peanut butter, chocolate chips, and Fluff.  Or just PB and Fluff.  What?  You’ve never heard of Fluff.  Go away, you heathen!

Or toblerone.  I just love Toblerone.  As some of you are well aware.

A friend of mine used to eat pita bread and sweetened condensed milk.  Not bad, but not PB and ginger snaps.


One response to “Great Snacks

  1. Amber/Daydreamer

    Ummm, Hank? Some of those snacks sound like you are having pregnancy cravings. (hee.) I like anything that involves chocolate. Or sugar. I am not so picky.

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