A New Home

Some of you know me as Hank.  Some as BR.  Some as Lefty.  It’s all me.  I’ve wandered a bit, and fallen in and out of love with blogging, as have so many others.  Some I miss—MooCow probably tops that list—and some have returned, like Rachel Lucas and Kim DuToit.  Some have just stuck with it, like Veaj and Rezzie.  Some post every once in a blue moon, and make me so excited when I see their name pop up in bold in my RSS reader: Bryanna and Vivian to name two.

But who am I, really?  Am I Lefty?  BR?  Or Hank?  Or someone yet to be named?

Probably I had the most fun posting as Bathroom Reading.  I had a lot of time to do it, as my job wasn’t very exciting, and I didn’t like it much.  So blogging was a nice way to be.  And I got to meet lots of interesting characters, like A, and I got to do interviews and everything, which was really fun.  And I sent people Toblerones, which made their day.

Then, like a lot of things, it didn’t so much get old as it did just get tiresome.  For a while, I loved just finding new blogs and bringing them to attention.  Originally, you should know, I was a straight up issues blogger, but that ended badly.  BR was a breath of fresh air for me.  When I ended BR, I learned a lesson: either keep paying subscription fees to a hosting service forever or lose your work.  I just kind of quit, and that’s what all I have left from that time period is by blogger blog from when I started.  (Don’t tell me about backing up the blog…too much work for a complete hobby).

But I wanted to keep my hand in, which created Hank LNU.  Which I still kind of enjoyed, just didn’t keep it up.  Like a retired sports figure who makes a comeback but it ends up being half-hearted and doesn’t last long.  Then Lefty, which was fun, but I just didn’t post a lot.

But at heart, I think I’m Hank.  It’s a name given to me by a close friend, who was being ironic.  But I loved her, and I love the name.  It was a symbol of a part of me that my life doesn’t let me let out of the box all that often.  But why not, right?

I know this doesn’t make sense to most of you, or even both of you.  But I think I’ll just keep this blog, just this one, and try to post to it on a regular basis.  Because I know I had a hard enough time going from Bottling Up the Crazy to Crazying Up the Bottle, and that was all MooCow.

So, all, welcome Hank back to the fold.


3 responses to “A New Home

  1. Welcome back, Hank! 🙂
    I’m glad to see you back in the blogosphere.

  2. Welcom back Hank! I’ve heard about you (all nice things) through VJ! I’m the same way, I’ve been through about 10,000 blogs of my own and will probably be through 10,000 more before I die.

    Nice you meet you!

  3. Howdy Hank! I missed BR and am so glad you are back, (whatever you call yourself!)

    Lovely to see you again, dear 🙂

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